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Suresh. K.Nair (born 1971 in Adakkaputhur, Kerala, India) is an artist based in Banaras.


Suresh Nair obtained his National Diploma in Mural Painting from Institute of Mural Painting Guruvayur, Kerala under the Guidance of Mammiyur Krishnan Kuty Nair. He was inspired by the works of Rabiindranath Tagore, Nandalal Bose, Benodbehari Mukherji and Ram kinker baij and joined in Department of painting, Viswabarati University, Santiniketan as a student.


Suresh Nair has acquired a major presence in the Indian and International art scene over the last decade with several successful shows with regional and international galleries and museums. He also executed many Murals in India and Abroad.


His earlier works are based on Kerala Murals both in terms of technique and ideas. Suresh’s monumental Painting ‘Cosmic Butterfly” was exhibited in Essl Museum,Vienna, Austria in 2010. He has also exhibited his works in USA, Spain, Canada. He was Awarded Elizabath Green Shield Foundation Scholarship ( 1999) from Canada, Fulbright Fellowship ( 2006-07) from USA for and Educational Exchange Program at Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Philadelphia under Professor Nicholas Kripal and. He has received State Award from Kerala Lalithkala Akademi, Ministry of Culture, Government of Kerala.


He teaches art in the Department of Painting, Faculty of Visual Arts, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. India

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